Gone seaweeding. I'm taking a summer break and any orders placed today will be dispatched on my return, August 5, 2024. I will be responding to messages though, so feel free to get in touch using the contact page. Thank you for your understanding

My Story

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A New Zealander living in the UK for many years, I have always loved Scotland — the landscape, the big sky and the people. Our home on the north east coast is a refuge, and my interest in the art of seaweeding grew from reading about its Victorian 'seaweed hunting' roots and a growing desire to pursue creativity here by the sea shore.

In capturing and sharing some of my favourite pressings — and offering others the opportunity to begin their own seaweeding adventure with Ebb & Upwell presses — I am hoping to help build a community of seaweeders to share discoveries and develop our craft together. The insight and conversation I've enjoyed with fellow enthusiasts on my Instagram page are a hugely encouraging sign that I'm not the only one to appreciate this often overlooked treasure.

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"It’s about observing, really noticing the details, working gently and thoughtfully..."

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My Process

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